A few movies of my simulations

Here are a few movies that I like to share and show in my presentations. If you have seen a figure or movie in one of my talks, but you cannot find it here, please don't hestitate and contact me!

Teaser of work in progress! Infall onto existing primordial disk leading to misalignment of inner and outer disk.

Zoom-in onto an embedded protoplanetary disk. The video starts at 40 pc (about 8 million au) and goes down to scales of less than 100 au. For reference, 1 au is the distance from the Earth to the Sun, which is about 150 million km.

A 50 000-year old disk obtained from one of the zoom-in simulations. The video shows the evolution of the disk for 106 years.

Asymmetric outflow during the formation of a protostar.