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Welcome to my website! On this website you can get to know more about my research. After seeing the stars in an unpleasant way for several weeks due to a concussion in winter/spring 2019, I am working on my research project "Building the bridge between star and planet formation" at full capacity again. The project is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (IRFD) at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (ITA) in Heidelberg. Before moving to Heidelberg as an International Postdoctoral Fellow, I lived in Copenhagen and obtained my PhD there. Browse around to learn more about my past and current activities, my latest research, as well as my travel plans. Happy stalking and don't hesitate contacting me if you have any further questions.


Visit of Starplan/NBI in Copenhagen, DK
Retreat of Research Unit Transition Disk in Garching, GER
Workshop 'Cores2Disks' in Charlottesville, USA


Stars often occur as systems of binaries or higher order. For young embedded protostellar multiples, high-resolution observations with modern telescopes such as ALMA reveal the presence of arc and bridge-like structures associated with protostellar multiples. Using the zoom-in technique, we demonstrated that these bridge structures are a natural consequence of the underlying turbulence present in the parental Giant Molecular Cloud. The corresponding paper got featured on the cover page of the Ausgust edition of Astronomy & Astrophysics. 

Stars preferentially form along filamentary arms in Giant Molecular Clouds. During my PhD I investigated the effect of the underlying turbulence and magnetic fields on the accretion process of stars and their corresponding disks by carrying out zoom-in simulations. For an overview of this work, please read this article written for the website of the Niels Bohr Institute.

University of Heidelberg,


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